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June 15, 2022

Trucking Transportation Academy

Join in the celebration with Trucking Transportation Academy!  Their mission is to provide their clients with exceptional training to be successful business owners in the trucking industry.  They provide Dispatch & Freight broker courses along with Business Set Up/Safety Compliance.


Kecia says that there is a difference in dynamics between the trucking industry and law enforcement. She says that you must be tough, and many doors must be kicked open. Her law enforcement background became helpful in pushing her way through the trucking industry and learning everything she could by doing her due diligence and withstanding the test of time. In dealing with drivers daily, there is a level of respect that women don’t receive. She says that women are not respected and acknowledged, so being in law enforcement made her very resilient in the trucking industry.

Sparking an Interest in the Trucking Industry


Kecia originally didn’t have any interest in the trucking industry, and she never even thought about it. But she was introduced by someone that gave her a spark of interest in the trucking industry. Kecia then tried to learn more about the industry and started branching out.

Kecia’s Trucking Journey


Kecia started car hauling first. Her biggest contract was with CarMax. She then went to Mercedes-Benz dealing auctions. She branched off into freight. With her daughter, they reared off in different directions. Trucking Transportation Academy launched shortly after.

TTA’s Services and Training


TTA provides one-on-one virtual training in classroom settings. The company helps with getting an LLC or a DUNS number. They also help build business credit or link you to their affiliates to buy a truck to lease. TT also teaches freight brokering and dispatching. They teach about safety compliance, regulations, truck maintenance, and just bringing you in and growing you to succeed in the trucking business. TTA trains you with the mindset to succeed and have the support, motivation, and encouragement to achieve success.

Ensuring Success after TTA’s Training


TTA does ongoing training and provides services. Their courses maybe three to five days, but it is ensured that after you complete the training, you have direct links to people that can help you that are affiliated with TTA. Even after doing TTA’s programs and training, they will continuously help and model you to become successful in the industry.

Struggles of New Startups


Kecia says that most new startups struggle with not having enough experience. With COVID, people are dealing with the new regulations with federal motor carriers where they can only drive a certain number of hours.


Kecia says that many people do not realize how important it is for them to be on the road and to be safe. Truckers are very important to the economy. Without a driver, there is no trucking industry. Maintaining a truck and managing breakdowns is hard. Overall, insurance is the most challenging part for any trucker. It can be frustrating if you don’t have the right connections, people, and loads.

Making the Truck Industry better


Kecia says that training is critical to making the industry better as a whole. She says drivers and trucking companies always need to be on top of the rules, and regulations, know what’s required for an audit, and maintain safety and compliance. It is important to understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how you need to be doing it.

Valuable Nuggets about TTA


TTA is a family, and its goal is to help people. They go to prisons, schools, and other communities to talk about an opportunity that can transform people’s lives. Many people come out of prison, and no one will hire them.


Kecia says that people just need to be heard. The one time you close that door that you know can make a difference in someone’s life is the difference with TTA.

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The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast

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Kecia Johnson


We have been in the logistics industry for approximately 8 years. We are an asset-based company and are Sam/Swam certified. We are drivers ourselves and haul freight nationwide. We hire drivers and owner operators. Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional training to be successful business owners in the trucking industry. We provide Dispatch & Freight broker courses along with Business Set Up /Safety & Compliance. We ensure your sucess by always just being a phone call away and providing you with exceptional training. We link all of our clients with our resources, affiliates and pertinent information to meet all of their goals in the industry. We even provide you with an opportunity to get in the business without having a CDL and make residual income weekly. Call today and we can show you how. 833-TTA-2022