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May 2, 2022

Truck Focus Podcast

Truck Focus Podcast

In this episode, our guest is Josh Hannaberry. Josh is a transportation advocate, industry speaker, and podcast dedicated to creating a pivotal impact. His show “The Truck Focus Podcast” aims to connect Transportation Industry Leaders to the Industry to create a change. He is also the owner of PVTL Transportation Industry Solutions, a transportation company that works closely with commercial carriers, professional drivers, and businesses that service the transportation industry to help demystify information overload. Today, Josh chats with us about leading with empathy and why we should honor the people in the trucking industry.  Kick back, relax, and enjoy!

The Diversity of Trucking 


The Canadian transportation market is very diverse. 500 different things can be done with a truck in a day. Trucking is created based on the definition of weight that gets a weight class. There are many things from logging, fishing, equipment hauling, etc.

The Meaning Behind PVTL


When Josh was just starting his journey, one of the things he had in mind was creating an impact. He learned that to create an impact, he had to be intentional. SO PVTL became abbreviated from “Pivotal” to create a “Pivotal Impact” and intentionally impacting others. It means you have to be mindful of what you are doing that would impact people.

PVTL’s Focus


Josh serves people in the trucking industry. His company’s focus is working with professional drivers, commercial trucking companies, carriers, and suppliers in the industry to create a successful environment. Part of the success from that is culture, compliance, and exposure.

PVTL’s Online Training


PVTL has a wide variety of online training. They create roadmaps for people to help them navigate the boundaries of compliance. Many people that enter the trucking industry don’t know the ins and outs. With PVTL’s online training, they will dissect the challenges that new truckers face. They will find the rules and create a game plan and a road map so that the newcomers can be successful within that.

Leading with Empathy


Josh says that the Trucking industry would do better if people were to lead with empathy. He says that where we lead as people and where people work with people to serve people, you have a much greater understanding of what people go through. If we lead with empathy and understanding what others go through, we solve the problems for who you're in business to serve your clients.

Honor the Truck Drivers


Professional drivers have some of the greatest responsibilities for any profession in North America by figuring globally. They deal with so many different pressures and have so many high expectations.

Succeeding in Podcasting


You'd like to get past the first 9 to 12 episodes. Once you've gotten past that, you've overcome something known as "podcast feed," which refers to the fact that you're not initially doing a podcast for anyone other than yourself, even though you're serving. Unless you already have a large following, you may only receive a couple of downloads per week for a while before gaining traction.


If you can get to 50, that is phenomenal. Many people stopped between 9 and 12 episodes because it's not encouraging. There's a lot that goes into finances from the equipment perspective. Just keep pushing and see what happens when you get to 50. Make that number your north star. Then once you're approaching 50, you have to push it to 100 because when you get to episode 100, people will know that you're for real. All it takes is dedication.


Josh’s Guests on his Podcast


Josh says that he likes watching people's faces because, for him, that's where the truth is. They can tell you what their job is, and you can make them describe who they are.


We're all passionate about something. Josh says that when you hit a passionate moment in your show, you can tell that your guests are all over the map, but it's still answering the questions; just keep going.  When you know that they genuinely care about this and their face lights up, keep going because it's good. Josh says that the biggest thing is that we need to learn how to talk about ourselves a little better and not be so afraid to be passionate and just have verbal diarrhea. Just run with it because it's all good stuff.

*Anuj Agarwal - Feedspot the founder of Feedspot.com notified us that The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast has been selected by their panelist as one of the Top 25 Best Logistics Industry Podcasts on the web. Currently we're ranked #9.  https://blog.feedspot.com/logistics_industry_podcasts/

The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast

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Josh Hannaberry

Owner and Host

Josh Hannaberry, owner of Truck Focus Podcast, is on a mission to introduce transportation industry leaders, to the industry, to help create a pivotal impact.

With over 15 years of experience in the transportation industry, Josh has been fortunate to work with and connect with multiple transportation industry leaders that have an impact on his own journey, and he looks forward to connecting them, with you!