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Aug. 16, 2022

The Lead Pedal Podcast with Bruce Outridge

In this episode, Bruce Outridge of The Lead Pedal Podcast joins the show. Bruce has been in the industry for over 30 years and offers business advice, interviews, and career information to help new and existing truck drivers improve their careers in transportation. He started his podcast because he wanted features such as interviews with industry experts, featured music, career information, and business tips. Today, Bruce discusses some aspects of his personal life, how he got started in the industry, and what the lead pedal podcast is about and more.

About the Guest


Bruce started in the trucking industry when he was 17 years old. He became the driver of the owner-operator for Atlas Van Lines at the time and then over the years. Today, Bruce has been in the media for probably the last ten years; he is an artist and a cartoonist. He has an art business and has been drawing since 10 years old. And then just yet today, it's media, mostly media, podcasts, radio stations, those kinds of things.


Bruce is from Burlington, Ontario. His parents are from Guyana from South America and just immigrated to Canada when he was young. He started getting into the trucking business when he was 17 years old when he dropped out of high school. He immediately applied for a license and got a job in furniture delivery.

Keep your performance and productivity


Bruce considered himself highly organized, and he is extremely good at it. He mentioned that if he is going to do something, he carries through what many people say and talks about, but they never actually do it. He took a lot of work and was dedicated and he got to enjoy it, and he got to be dedicated to doing it if you're thinking that this will be a way of making money in front of the mic. Go do something else because, as right there and it's a lot of work; you do it all yourself.

The mission of Bruce's Podcast


Bruce's podcast mission is to improve people's businesses and careers. The podcast focuses on owner-operators who want to improve their business or new drivers. His main audience is truck drivers and business owners so those who own those aren't worried about trying to improve their business or careers because they're probably already there.

Creating Contents


When you start to see your groove about how you get to content, you don't know if all of your shows are always interviews, but you go to stuff and Bruce takes notes and finds ways. Either he gets somebody to that, or somebody might approach me and say, Hey, I'd like to talk about this. Yeah, that's a great idea. He also does a solo show sometimes where he talks about a topic or mixes interviews from different shows. So he is not trying to create content. He is just absorbing everything, videotaping and taking photos as much as he can.

The trucking Business changes many people's lives


Trucking has given Bruce life beyond learning to shift gears, it is inspired. He could not do this podcast if he weren't in trucking. Trucking has fueled learning more and being able to learn outside of school. It's been what's happened, and all my friends are part of this industry. He wanted to showcase people, truck drivers; you're not stupid, we're not because that's what it was.


Not only can you not be stupid to do this industry, but you also have to be super smart in street smarts, navigation, geography, math, and whatever else dealing with people. That's all trucking. Those interviews fired me up the ones where someone's come from below or changed their life in some way and is now and through Trucking having this great life and career.

About Lead Pedal Tours


Bruce and his team did what we call the professionals of the highway Tour, where they went around to our sponsors to truck shows. Trucking music is we got it all. It's country rock and reggae. If you like any of those genres, you'll love our station. They have a fan club show, they have a trivia game every Monday night at eight o'clock. And now there's another one called the caching, and I used to have another podcast called The cashing in on creativity podcast for artists, businesses, and careers.


All of the truck shows have now opened up. Last year there were only one or two now because they have come up with a pandemic on our end here. They are committed to five different shows. Some of the tours are to highlight our sponsors, and they go to the shows anyway. It's just a way of making more of a presence for us.

Things to need a change in Trucking Industry


Trucking is about flexibility, weather, traffic, and delays; it's all flexibility. We're trying to make everybody go into the same box, sleep for 10 hours, and drive for 11 hours in Canada. There's none anymore—everybody's fast food and by themselves. And so the camaraderie, the courtesy on the road, holy smokes, they're teaching this now that you just sit in the middle lane and drive for four hours without getting out of that lane and causing more problems. We need flexibility, we need courtesy and we need to put some more fun, and it used to be fun. That's why the truck shows you go there for fun. People are still having fun.

Personal Inspiration


Bruce was inspired by a lot of the people in the trucking business. He probably has been more inspired by larger role models. Richard Branson for his business. Brock Obama just in the way he deals with people I think is pretty smooth. He enjoyed doing things and he like to learn and try by doing them, you learn, and you learn a new skill. And so for him, it was putting it in a book.

Tips and Advice


For the trucking industry. Don't be afraid to learn to drive. A lot of people seem to be afraid of that step, not sure why you don't have to do it forever. He always tells people that if you can do two to three years in the truck, it will open up so many doors for them that they will not believe in this industry. I would urge people to try trucking if they haven't; there are lots of different opportunities there.


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