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Sept. 6, 2022

Solving the Truck Parking Problem with guest Jora Singh (Semiyard)

Truck parking has always been a problem in the trucking industry, and this is a problem that requires a solution. In this episode of Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast, we have Jora Singh, founder of Semiyard, an app for booking a parking space for your truck, and it aims to solve the truck parking problem in the industry. Check out today’s episode as Jora discusses Semiyard and how it can contribute to the trucking industry.

About the Guest


Jora and his family moved from India to Sacramento, California, in 2007. He sometimes visits India from time to time to rest or to wrestle. Jora has been wrestling since he was 18, together with his best friend. It interested him in sports and kept him in line for his health.


In 2010, he encountered a friend earning money through truck driving. This caught his interest which led to him getting his license. After getting the license, he drove with him for six months. He entered the industry because of the money you can earn. A little while later, he discovered that owning your truck can make more money.

 Concept of the Company


Jora is a problem solver. He always looks at the situation and identifies the problem to find a solution. He believes that in solving a problem, you need to learn from it, so the next time you encounter that problem, you already have the solution. When Jora was working, he encountered problems with truck parking, and he couldn’t find a place to park. He noticed that this is a problem that most truck drivers face. 

 About Semiyard


Semiyard aims to provide truck parking in California. It’s an app that shows locations and available areas to contact and pay so you can park.


Semiyard app can be downloaded throughout the United States, but it only has six (6) locations in California. Four (4) areas are operational, while the other two (2) are soon to open. They are constantly trying to establish new locations for truck parking. Aside from that, a team is available 24/7 if you encounter a problem.


The app functions similarly to Google Maps, where it can detect your current location, which enables it to show you the available parking spots in the area.


If you are someone who wants to make their land a parking spot, Semiyard has specific requirements to qualify.

 Benefits to Drivers


Semiyard offers the opportunity to book a parking spot hassle free. The app tracks your location, allowing the app to show you the available parking spot near your area. You can book and pay for it quickly, and it will be reserved for you. If you need to cancel the booking for some reason, it can be done.


In Semiyard’s parking areas, truck drivers are allowed and free to sleep in their respective trucks in the parking lot. 

 Putting Yourself in the Driver’s Shoes


Jora believes you can solve problems better if you personally know the problem. That way, you will have a better point of view of the challenges encountered. He gave an example of a situation wherein the IT team created an advanced technological system. It is something that they can understand. However, there is no guarantee that the general public will know how it works. Therefore, everything must be user-friendly for easier access to the people.


Jora prefers to learn through experience rather than listening to someone teaching when they didn’t even experience it first-hand. If any issues or problems are encountered with Semiyard, contact them, and they’ll try their best to solve them.

 Listing Properties


If you have an established trucking parking yard that you want to list, Semiyard has some requirements, which are the following:

  • Address
  • Location
  • Total Parking Available

If you aren’t sure how big your property is, the team can measure it for you. 

 Features of the App


Semiyard has a system refresh every 5 seconds to easily see the availability of the parking space. It gives real-time updates on the listings.


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