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July 12, 2022

A Closer Look at Trucking Safety with Chris Harris (Safety Dawg Inc)

In this episode, our guest is Chris Harris. Chris is a highly experienced, sophisticated Safety Professional. He is well versed in the needs of trucking safety and compliance departments. Expert in recruiting, interviewing, and driver training. With his years of loss control for a trucking insurance company, he can best prepare a risk analysis report which results in an easy-to-follow and executable action plan. In 2013, he started Safety Dawg as a part-time source of income. In 2015 the company had grown, and Chris made it his full-time passion. In the same year, the company became incorporated. Chris talks with us today to share his journey on trucking safety and more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!


About Chris Harris 


Chris is a safety consultant to the trucking industry. Most of his clients do cross borders, so he has to deal with the situation on both sides of Canada and the US. He previously worked for an insurance company in Canada, which is one of the largest trucking insurance companies in the US. He is one of the people who comes out and audits the trucking company and greatly impacts insurance premiums. 


Safety Person 


When working with the trucking insurance company, the people who appreciated Chris’ report greatly impacted their insurance premiums. Those that don’t still get a big impact but also get swing rates from him by 20%. Chris says that in the safety position, companies should pay a great deal of attention when a safety person comes in from the insurance company because they will impact them.


Garnering Interest in the Trucking and Insurance Industry 


Chris came from a family that worked in the trucking industry. His first job was working as a helper for a trucking company. He then moved up the ranks in his career and transitioned to multiple trucking companies. Chris then got into safety when he got the opportunity from his employer about a job opening. He got transferred right away and has worked in safety ever since. 


What is CVOR? 


CVOR is the person or corporation responsible for operating the commercial motor vehicle, driver, and goods or passengers being transported. It is the equivalent of having a safety fitness certificate, and it’s equivalent to a DLT number and has the same type of scoring. It takes a while to figure it out. But there are ratings and scores, and you can get in trouble just like getting your DLT number into trouble.

What Chris Offers 


Chris offers the book Seven Steps to Hiring Great Drivers. It’s a free digital download at www.safetydawg.com. It is on sale on Amazon for $20, but you can get it for free at Chris’ website.


What Chris does as a Safety Professional 


Chris helps trucking companies with insurance renewals. He helps trucking companies lower their DLT scores that affect their insurance renewals. He says that insurance puts more companies out of business. The last several years have been a hard insurance market, and the insurance industry hasn’t made much money. 


A lot of what Chris does is help trucking companies navigate their T Number, CPR numbers, and Insurance Renewals and ensure they can get the best insurance premiums possible for their record. He also does driver training and presentations for truck drivers. 


Chris Podcasting Journey 


Chris started his first podcast in 2020. The podcast mainly focused on truck drivers and safety because of the wide range of things to learn. He shares tips and answers questions about safety, trucking, regulations, and more. He says that his podcast is a school for truckers.


Avoiding Distractions on the Road 


Chris says that truck drivers need to pay more attention to the road and avoid using gadgets or distractions. Truck drivers must prioritize the safety of other drivers along the road other than themselves. Getting distracted while driving a truck on the road can lead to fatal consequences. 


A Message for Other Drivers 


Drivers must stay behind the truck for safety. The reason is that smaller vehicles can stop quicker than big trucks. If you need to pass the truck, pass safely. Get in front of them, and then don’t slow down. Keep pulling away from that truck until there’s a good distance between you and that truck following you. Then you can slow down. Help that trucker out and make sure that there is a good following distance. 


 Chris’ Advice


If you are getting into the trucking safety business, come with the idea that you will be of service. Come in with the idea that you’re going to be of help to people.


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Get Chris’ Book Now! Seven Steps to Hiring Great Drivers

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