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April 4, 2022

Rig On Wheels Recruitment Services

Rig On Wheels Recruitment Services

In this episode, Kameel Gaines Owner of Rig On Wheels Broker & Recruitment Services joins the show. Kameel founded Rig On Wheels Recruitment Agency in 2010 and has since become an industry expert, assisting trucking firms in finding and maintaining high-quality truck drivers. Rig On Wheels is a truck driver recruiting service that assists businesses in finding qualified candidates for their transportation needs. Today, Kameel discusses the critical aspects that influence a firm's retention and recruitment, as well as how they help the organization grow forward.  This is another episode packed with a lot of wisdom and passion.  You can hear it all in Ms. Gaines voice!  Kick back, relax and learn!  Enjoy!

About the Guest


Kameel is a mother of three children, two of whom are young adults and one of whom is fifteen years old. She looks after her elderly mother while also running a recruiting and freight brokerage firm. Her mobile business rig has been in operation for over a decade.


With only sales experience, Kameel knows that many entrepreneurs are being laid off. She began subcontracting under someone else's name but soon realized that this person's and the company's underlying principles were incompatible with hers. As a result, she parted ways with her and began Rigs on Wheels.

About the business


Rigs on Wheels is a freight broker specializing in recruiting and retaining employees. Kameel typically recruits for small, mid, extensive, and mega carriers. Small, in most cases, meaning 700 trucks or more. Kameel also provides consultancy services in the area of employee retention.


Kameel has spent her entire life in sales, recruitment, and account management. She applies the same abilities in a different industry so that she may help other sectors with the same problem, but in a little different way, depending on the drive or specialization.


To work with new clients that require her services, Kameel must first address specific details, such as the size of your fleet, since this relates to the scope of your problem. After she figures that out, she'll have someone fill out a form with basic questions, and 

set up a consultation time to talk more about their culture, what's going on, and what they need to avoid placing drivers and having to pay another fee to replace those same drivers within 30 days.

Reactive vs. Proactive


We're reacting, but most people would want it to be proactive. It is far more desirable because it has processes for when things go wrong. You can move quickly because you can always return to your strategy or foundation. Nothing is flawless, but we can react quickly if we have a system.


Recruiting and retaining employees has some parallels to finding your life spouse. We will not look for someone with whom we do not get along. Genuinely figuring out what your culture is to promote the one you want is crucial. People nowadays hesitate to create specific plans, so they grow desperate and hire people who do not share their principles to fill open positions.

Work Culture Immersion


Kameel understands that being engaged in the business and present in all decision-making processes, down to minor details, is critical for everyone's advancement in the firm. She is the type of leader that gets down with her team and discusses what's going on so that she can provide timely guidance on what measures they should take to address problems and avoid making mistakes when implementing solutions.


Most individuals believe that it is acceptable for them to be absent and that the firm would run itself without their contribution, yet this is one of the biggest mistakes a leader can make. Some people believe that throwing money at employees will solve the problem, but this is not the case.


According to Kameel, if you've ever purchased meals for somebody you don't know personally in your office, you're on the right track. Because you can't immediately familiarize everyone in your company as a business owner, all of these simple gestures assist your employees to feel like they belong and are essential.

Job Qualifications


Kameel offers several prequalifying questions to screen out unfit applicants for the role of a truck driver. They look at your job history and previous experiences. It doesn't have to be detailed, but you should be aware of your current situation, such as drug testing and medical conditions. Candidates' records are examined for any misconduct, including minor accidents.

Second Chances on Convicts


Kameel admires businesses that give people a second opportunity, particularly felons who have recently completed their sentences. She believes in second chances, and one way she gives back to the trucking business is by assisting these companies in refining their recruitment and retention processes. For her, variety encompasses more than our culture or nationality and the experiences we've had.



As a type of follow-up consultation, Kameel always books from a book. It may or may not be a formal consultation, but it is something she will follow up on. That's why she's very particular, thoughtful, and cautious about who they take on as clients since ABC Trucking Company deserves the best. If they choose the wrong client, she will be unable to supply ABC trucking with the most incredible service.

Personalized Questions


Kameel tailor's questions to each individual's needs, allowing her to determine the best services to provide. To her, it is critical to better assist clients in deciding what they want and tailoring their experiences through the services offered.

In Quest for Employee Retention


Kameel's vision is for America to have fewer abandoned trucks. As a result, she does everything she can to keep these drivers by providing them with the same possibilities as her typical employees. For Kameel, a position can be considered a career if you have worked there for a minimum of 13 months. She takes pride in being a risk reduction specialist because she takes chances on people she believes have untapped potential.

Ex-Convict Employees


When hiring someone with an SAP record, a substance abuse problem, or a criminal background, Kameel discusses your company's culture and the level of risk you're willing to take. Hiring felons may not be ideal if you differentiate people based on their criminal past. Next, you'll talk about particular aspects of felonies and whether you're comfortable working with them or whether the severity of the offense affects their chances of being hired by you.

Listening to Employees


We must begin conversing with one another while listening. Too many of us who make decisions checkboxes rather than talk, follow up, determine the issues, resolve the problems, and then inform the driver, employee, dispatcher, or anyone that it has been decided. Employee retention, especially in this industry, depends on effective communication. You can't just talk all the time as the boss; you have to listen from the ground up.

Specialty Services


For the simple reason they have global relationships, rig on wheels is superior to everyone else in the industry. They take pride in emphasizing their unparalleled retention and recruiting processes, whether they have worldwide employees or are assisting other organizations in other nations that require help with their recruiters.

A female role model


Kameel looks up to her mother as a female role model in her life. Her mother, a businesswoman, a single mother, and a black woman, made it look simple. Kameel aspires to be half the lady her mother has become, and she wants her mother to witness it before she passes away. That is what she considers a personal achievement.


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Kameel Gaines


Hello, I am Kameel, owner of Rig On Wheels Recruitment Services. I am a proud mother of 2 young adults and 1 teen. And at the same time being the sole caregiver for my elderly mom.
I have been in recruiting and sales for 20 + years. Early in my career, I earned a couple of grad degrees: MBA & Marketing. My end goal was to become an entrepreneur. So, by saying that, you can imagine the businesses that I have started. But it was always vital for me to do what I was good at, “recruiting.” All things considered, I discovered my love for the trucking industry. I pride myself on “eating and drinking it” & can talk trucking for at least 16 hours per day, lol. It is the only place I can tell my corny jokes and still feel at home.
So, 12 years ago, I found my love, and that was in the trucking/transportation industry as a recruiter and consultant for mega, mid-size, and small fleets. Seeing lots of ups and downs in the recruitment and retention side of the business, I started researching and analyzing ways to increase and realistically maintain drivers. My goal as an industry expert is for drivers to become more educated and confident in their professional paths. And help companies stop the revolving door & hamster wheel turnover issues.