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Terrific Interview Host

Derrick was a phenomenal host whom asked great questions to make it easy on me as the guest to answer in my natural voice. I’m forever, grateful for the opportunity you provided for me to share a piece of my story on your platform. Keep growing Derrick!

Thumbs up

We had a very positive experience with The Trucking Entrepreneurs podcast. We want to thank Derrick Williams for supporting our team and giving us the opportunity to share our experience and be a part of the podcast. Especially to thank him for his hospitality, good sense of humor and friendly smile. Impact Recruiting Center

One of the Best Podcasts I’ve Been On!

Derrick is a great host. He explains everything so there’s no surprises and makes the interview go smoothly. He’s a great person to talk to and that also makes the interview go great!

The Best

The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast is the best thus far. It was organized, and Derrick (the host) is dialed into the industry and Rig On Wheels as a service provider. Thank you again for the energy and wisdom

Why I Was Honored to be a Guest

I had the privilege of being a guest on The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast recently and I love the way Derrick sets up a show. He is so fascinated in how his guests got started in trucking, the ins & outs of their business, their goals, and even some fun facts about them. Yes he is interested in trucking but really he is interested most in his guests and is dedicated to making sure they are comfortable and that his audience is informed. Keep up the great work!

AAWTA Interview

Absolutely enjoyed being a featured guest on The Trucking Entrepreneurs podcast! Derrick was very engaging, knowledgeable, and can't wait to see how he elevates his podcast. We look forward to the next time, thank you again!

Thank you for the opportunity to share our story

Derrick, you are a wonderful host and make it easy to speak with. I enjoyed talking with you about Descal-A-Matic Fuel Saver and what our technology can do for trucking fleet operators and truck owners. I believe you are providing our trucking industry with so much good and useful information and in that effort, your are providing the industry a valuable service. Thanks again.

Awesome and Passionate Host

I am very pleased with the podcast and Derrick’s overall approach. He took the time to research my business and came up with a list of great questions that enabled us to have a conversation that highlighted my services, as well as my vision. Talking to Derrick was like talking to an old and trusted friend. I look forward to a follow up podcast in the future!

The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast - An Excellent Platform and Incredible Host!

I was recently invited to join The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast for a conversation, and I am thrilled with the entire experience. Derrick, owner and host, does an awesome job with his preparation and care for the interview structure and allowed me, the guest, to speak my truth. Overall, an excellent experience, and I'm super grateful for the opportunity. Furthermore, I am super excited at the direction The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast is going and the impact the platform is having in our industry!

Great interaction

This podcast really got into the business piece of things which could be used across any industry.

Wealth of Resources

The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast is one of the best podcast on what’s trending and all the innovations being developed by the leaders in the trucking industry. Take a listen and you will see why! We are all in this together!!!

Best Trucker Podcast!

The Trucking Entrepreneur Podcast is VERY informative for the Trucking industry. I receive updated news and ideas that I can incorporate in my personal and business life.

Great Trucking Podcast

Really enjoy this show.

Paving the Way in Podcast Professionalism

Derrick, host of The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast, is a true professional who made the the entire or process of being a guest enjoyable, relaxed, and meaningful. His compassion and genuine interest in my journey that eventually led to the formation of the Next Generation in Trucking Association was honest and heartfelt. I appreciate the excellent communication throughout the entire process that made being a guest a stress-free experience. Thank you for all that you do Derrick and I wish your podcast series much success!

D. Gray Trucking & Hauling Services

Since airing on your show, we received four referrals that week, two collaboration invites, and one pending Affiliate Partnership.

Derrick hosted a well organized and great podcast!

Derrick is a cool, calm, and collective interviewer! It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Derrick. Thanks Again

Great Podcast Experience!

I was super honored to be interviewed by The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast. The communication and overall experience was extremely professional and well managed. Looking forward to listening to future interviews on the podcast. Thank you!


From the moment we initially connected the host was positive. Your podcast will educate and inspire many listeners! I am grateful that your listeners received an opportunity to hear more about our team, mission, and services. Keep up the amazing work!

Honest Discussions About Our Transportation Industry

The show provides real information from trusted sources that every owner operator needs to hear. Thank you for using your voice and this platform to share knowledge and wisdom!

Very Informative

This podcast is the perfect combination of information and inspiration. Great information from experts in trucking, but their stories are also very inspiring.

Free flow conversation

Easy listening.Felt natural and intuitive. Highly recommend the experience.