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Dec. 30, 2021

Red Dog Logistics

Red Dog Logistics

John Rediehs is CEO and founder of Red Dog Logistics Inc. From growing up around the trucking industry, it fueled John into having a passion which resulted in him opening his own brokerage, which has grown from $0 in sales in 2012 to a 30 million+ Corporation here in 2021. Tune in, to learn more about John and Red Dog Logistics.


About the Guest

[02:04] John has years of experience working in the logistics industry, including brokerage, sales, and equipment maintenance. He concluded he wanted to make a fortune in logistics and began working in the field in 2012.

[03:07] John has always thought that he isn't the sort to work for someone or be controlled on a long-term basis. His hobbies focus on construction, and he enjoys taking risks, particularly in business. 

Untapped Business Potential

[03:59] When you examine processes, you look at how individuals do business, and we all have opinions on how we can improve. John spotted an opening and decided to create Red Dog Logistics because he noticed an opportunity not being capitalized by the firm he currently works for.

About the company

[05:21] Red Dog Logistics started in 2012 with four employees working in a modest office, and they were both specialists and conversant with the flatbed method. It all began with phoning, learning the sales process, grasping the quote process, and developing the vendor network.

[08:14] A detailed examination of the company is one of the things Red Dog Logistics would perform. If the commodity is unique, the shipper must find a mode of transportation that goes beyond a conventional drive, enter a flatbed, and assess the freight's volume after deciding the method and commodity.


[12:19] Automation can be dangerous if it can't speak for itself. From the standpoint of our vendors and shippers, Red Dog Logistics is very accessible. When you call, you will be greeted not just by an automated system but also by an automatic system that speaks to you.

Technology and Experience

[14:32] Attention to detail and accountability are critical in today's economy. Through technology and expertise, you must understand what employees are doing and why they are doing it at the management and dispatch levels, on the lowest senior person in your company.

[17:10] The main concern of any shipper, driver, or trucker is oblivious to the situation. Lack of communication exacerbates the issue, and when problems develop, many individuals vanish. John alleviates this concern by providing as many vendors and shopper-side options as possible, letting them make their selections.

Logistic Tools and Features

[21:15] Trucker tools, macro point, and an internal application are available through Red Dog Logistics. They can build anything because they have a tech team on staff, and there are no limitations on what they can and cannot do. The company develops its software and technologies, and as a result, its operating systems are built to match.

Parenting and Business

[24:25] John is a young father with three children. As a result, his understanding of how to control them daily gives him a whole experience of chaos theory in today's industry. One thing he does to deal with them is always to go back to the basics and try to calm everyone down.

Mutual Relationship

[27:11] John regards his employees as his superiors because he must take care of them in exchange for their services. He views this as a give-and-take relationship and implies that it should benefit the employees and the organization if you make decisions.

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John Rediehs


John Rediehs, CEO and founder of Red Dog Logistics Inc., is the 4th generation product of a successful family transportation business. John grew up around the trucking industry and his passion grew into him opening his own brokerage, securing his authority in late 2012. Red Dog Logistics has grown from $0 in sales in 2012 to a 30Millions+ Corporation here in 2021. When John got started, he had recruited just two others to help him grow and get the ball rolling. From 3 guys, 3 computers, 3 phones, they started calling to secure freight and forge business relationships.

Over the years Red Dog has continued to reinvent itself and now is a full-service logistics company heavily invested in digital solutions, customer satisfaction, and proprietary transportation technology.

Today, Red Dog is in active growth mode, with over 65 employees working both in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to our HQ in Chicago, our Grand Rapids office is our second major hub, where we house our sales and accounting divisions. As Red Dog continues to grow from pup to DOG, our goal is to double revenue year over year while maintaining a customer first mentality.