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March 14, 2022

Next Gen in Trucking

Next Gen in Trucking

In this episode of the Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast, our guest is Dave Dein, truck driving program coordinator and instructor at the Patterson High School Supply Chain and Logistics Training Center. He is also the Co-Founder of the Next Generation in Trucking Association, a nonprofit creating and promoting CDL Driver and Diesel Tech training programs for the next generation of truckers. Today, Dave talks about helping the youth create a successful trucking business and how the industry is being taught in schools. So, sit back and relax and you will learn a lot!

Dave’s Mission


Dave has been involved in trucking since 1988. He always loved to drive. His father was also a truck driver drafted in World War II. Dave would hear his father’s stories about his truck driving adventures. Dave wasn’t a star student in high school. One thing he learned from that was because many young people don’t care in high school. After all, the educational system doesn’t give them something to care about. That is why Dave is passionate about his mission of reaching out to people and telling them that a test score does not define them. He believes that everyone has their abilities and gifts.

Achieving the Dream


Starting a high school truck driving program was never on Dave’s list. He knows that he has enough education about the industry that he can bring to the table. That is why he decided to try college to see if he could do it. He ended up graduating with honors and receiving a medal on his graduation day. After that, he went back to trucking, got a management position, and achieved his dream in one day.

Transforming Lives


Dave says that the number one thing that would keep people from reoffending is a job. He then started a nonprofit called Safe Logistics, where he worked with people coming out of the prison system. Dave tried to help these people get their Class A licenses and transform their lives into productive members of society.


Dave’s high school program has a lot of flexibility as far as other curriculums they bring in. Dave has a program called Work Leads that teaches students the proper way to perform industry-specific body movements to reduce workplace injuries. He partnered with a trucking fitness company to dig deep in teaching health, nutrition, and wellness. Trucking is a tough job. If you are not prepared to live on the road, the job will eat you up quickly.

Trucking for the Average Person


The average age of somebody entering into trucking today is 38 years old. These people have their life going on where they have bills to pay and families to feed, which is why they pursue trucking as a second career choice. For Dave, he wants people that really care to enter the industry and not just chase the money. People are starting to pursue the dollar and not the passion.

Sharing the Trucking Industry with Younger People


Dave created a nonprofit organization called Next Generation of Trucking Association. Its mission is to unify the industry to help replicate the Patterson Program and be of support to other high schools. He says that most high schools don’t understand the trucking industry. That is why Dave came in to share his resources free with schools to learn more about the industry.

Educating the Youth about the Trucking Industry


Working with younger people made Dave realize that many of them are never exposed to saving the vocational trades while going through elementary and middle school. Many are pushed to pursue college but aren’t exposed to trucking or other industries. Dave says that younger people need to be educated first and create opportunities for themselves to learn more about the trucking industry.


Dave says that high schools need to do a much better job educating and bringing information about the trucking industry to students to start thinking more seriously about which career path to take. That is why NextGen is creating a one-day curriculum that any high school country can implement. It is a turnkey curriculum ideally taught by somebody from the trucking industry, and it would give basic information at the freshman level.

Higher Quality of a truck Driver


One of the themes of Dave’s Program is Leadership in Motion which is focused on everything that is underneath professional driver qualities. Many who enroll in this program become mature, dress, and behave properly. They are held to a higher standard, which then becomes a higher quality of a driver.

Dave’s Thoughts about the Biden infrastructure bill


For Dave, the Infrastructure bill is great. The bill was originally called the Drive Safe Act and was put into Biden-Emma's infrastructure bill. Now it's called the Drive Safe apprenticeship pilot program. When you are a driver under 21, you're domiciled in the state where you get your license.

Expanding the Reach


Dave says there are only a handful of CDL programs in high schools. He says we need to get involved and be part of the solution. With NextGen, Dave can provide the curriculum and help schools. Dave is starting to create action committees in each state to identify geographical areas that would be a good fit for schools and create a pipeline.

Main Influence in Decision Making


Dave says that the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is the main influence in his decisions. He says that throughout his journey, there is a thumbprint of God all over everything. He believes that his work today is how he serves God, and he believes that God will keep guiding him throughout his mission.

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Dave Dein - Next Generation in Trucking

Instructor/Co-founder of Next Gen in Trucking

Started trucking in 1988 and ended up using trucking to pay my way through college. After being called into teaching I started a non-profit truck driving school ministry in 2006 called Faith Logistics where I would train recently released inmates from prison. After dissolving the non-profit in 2016 I started one of the nation's first high school truck driving programs. In 2021 I co-founded the nonprofit called the Next Generation in Trucking Association. Our goal is help educate the youth about the trucking industry and help schools in starting similiar programs to the one at Patterson High School.