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Feb. 14, 2022

MyTrucker Pro

MyTrucker Pro

We had the pleasure of having Mr. Andy Coy, CEO and Co-Founder of MyTrucker Pro, as a guest today. MyTrucker Pro is an online platform that connects all aspects of the transportation sector. From drivers to logistics to insurance, they're forming a community. Today, Andy shares the features of MyTrucker Pro and how you can use it for advertising your businesses and making transactions that relate to transportation. In addition, to discussing with us a little history about himself, and what led him to establish MyTrucker Pro and much more.

About the Guest


Andy was up in the San Francisco region and began his career in the computer industry, working for giant corporations until launching his own company in the 1990s and eventually selling it to a public company. He and his partner founded the business with only the two of them, and it has since grown to 125 employees.



Andy realized that the transportation sector was lacking in many areas and decided to create a social network where you could connect with people and sell goods. They intend to improve the functionality by introducing a loyalty program that will allow users to obtain better deals and earn more points.


Breaking Language Barriers


Even within the United States, there are such dispersed, diverse groups of people and the languages they speak. Having a platform that permits real-time translation and works globally is a benefit of MyTrucker Pro. It has an intriguing function that breaks through communication obstacles and boundaries.


MyTrucker Pro Features


Small businesses or groups of people who exchange information regularly and prefer to do it secretly rather than publicly will benefit from the private group function. Things like a client complaint that the group has to see and respond to are usually not something you want to broadcast.



The advent of artificial intelligence on the website looks forward to this year in terms of progress: The Internet of Things, or IoT, and how it connects to MyTrucker Pro and other IoT devices in the transportation industry. Some things may start to show up in the website's operation.



On their website, Andy provides a free website builder. If your trucking dealership doesn't already have a website, or if it does but isn't getting the traffic you want, you can develop a company page on their platform, which will expose you to the entire membership.


Technology's Vital Role in Trucking Business Growth


The transportation business, particularly the trucking component, has been consigned to the periphery, almost as if it were a stepchild. It is the last spot on the planet where technology is employed. Several aspects of the ecosystem can be examined by utilizing technology. Considerably more functional and, most importantly, much friendlier. It's a vast space, a land where we can create many applications for various purposes, and it'll only get better.


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The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast

Andy Coy


Andy Coy is the CEO and co-founder of MyTrucker Pro. He has a background in technology working for Oracle and Salesforce. He founded MyTrucker Pro in 2018 with Ernie Lopez and Roger Lewis to solve the problem of the disjointed transportation sector. MyTrucker Pro is a a platform that allows every aspect of the transportation industry to connect. We are building a community from drivers to logistics to insurance.