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Dec. 16, 2021

My Own Lane Consultants LLC - CEO - Ms. Ladda Hawkins

My Own Lane Consultants LLC - CEO - Ms. Ladda Hawkins

Our guest in this episode is Ladda love Hawkins of My Own Lane Consultants LLC, a one-stop shop for new trucking business owners with less than three years in the industry. They can connect you to the resources you need. Today, Miss Hawkins explains how My Own Lane Consultants LLC helps motor carrier operators avoid common pitfalls when starting a trucking company.

About the Guest
Miss Ladda identifies as a military brat, a military dependent who grew up in a military family. Her father served in the Air Force for 24 years, during which time they lived in Guam and the Philippines, and she spent the majority of her childhood there.

When you're continually shifting locations, even if your family didn't move as frequently as other families, it's normal for your military friends to stay for two to four years. Regardless, Ladda enjoys variety, new experiences, and meeting new people.

Ladda's first idea of entrepreneurship was strictly financial. The first consideration should be money. But she quickly learned the hard way that this is not the path to success. After seeing The New Jack City, Ladda wanted to rule the world for the wrong reasons.  

Filter Out Information
Nowadays, information is a commodity, and having the correct information determines whether a company succeeds or fails. Ladda sees her company as a resource center for new trucking company owners with fewer than three years of experience. 

The Fast Money Pit
Due to the amount of cash required to engage in the many positions available in the transportation industry, trucking enterprises can rapidly become a Fast Money Pit. People are drawn to the trucking industry because it appears profitable and beneficial, but it is not helpful for everyone.
You may have purchased slip and fall coverage in a broken brick and mortar establishment. There are many different types of insurance. You will come across insurance companies if you do not specify what you require since you are unclear, which is not to say they are doing anything wrong, and they're simply taking care of what you've requested. 

A trucking company's legal responsibilities and liabilities extend beyond driver care and recruitment. Studying the laws, the dos and don'ts, is vital, or you could have many legal problems.

Ladda functions on the pillars of authenticating information and assuring internet safety, to name a few. She incorporates this into the process of assisting people in assimilating data. She discovered that the most common problem newcomers face, which Ladda helps them with, is information overload.
Treat individuals with respect and listen to them openly to determine their needs. Ladda's crew will help you figure out where you belong in the world. Ladda's success has always been based on the prosperity of its communities.

 Movie Adaptation
If Ladda's life is ever made into a film, she wants Eva Duveneck to play her. She admires the actress's perspective of the world and how she expresses it. Eva's bubbly personality is also something Ladda admires. 

You may still be a respected employer and the best employee if you put your clients first. Clients are individuals who believe in you. You must believe in them and support what you do for them; if you do it with perfection, you will retain business and develop loyal clients.
Email: info@myownlaneconsultants.com


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Ladda Hawkins


Ladda Love Hawkins is The Trucking Gospel Chaplain. She is a certified chaplain with I.F.O.C. (International Federation of Chaplains – TX) and ordained minister under Soul Winners International Ministries (NC). Ladda enjoys serving in workplace ministry and uses her talents to bring people together on social media. She enjoys working with technology and has been working from home since 2016.
Ladda possesses a bachelor's degree in Organizational Management and a Graduate certificate in conflict management. Before trucking, she was a high school special education educator and home-school advocate.