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April 14, 2022

LENS Consulting Firm

LENS Consulting Firm

Welcome to the Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast! Today, we invited Michelle Lenore, CEO of LENS Consulting Firm, LLC, and Michelle Lenore Enterprises. She is a brilliant woman full of joy and passionate about assisting women, and small businesses gain millions of dollars in contracts from the government sector and corporate industries. Michelle also offers a wealth of knowledge, strategic skills, and training and building a top-notch LinkedIn profile to showcase your amazing gifts and talents and so much more.

Who is Michelle Lenore? 


Michelle is the owner of Michelle Lenore Enterprises. She helps small businesses leverage government contracting. But first, they need to be government certified. Once that business is certified, Michelle will then help leverage that certification within the LinkedIn space. Michelle primarily focuses on helping small businesses tap into millions of dollars. 

How long have programs from the federal state, and local governments helped minorities, women, and disadvantaged individuals? 


The government has been helping for more than 25 years. The catalyst for that was so many complaints about women not having funding. There was a stigma that if you are a woman, you have the potential to get pregnant, so how will you be able to pay back a loan? Women couldn’t excel to where they possibly could go because of the stigma of being pregnant. 

Document Everything 


There are grants out there for small businesses. But that business must have their paperwork in order. They must have a separate bank account, has a way of getting paid, and have filed their taxes. Businesses must have things separated and documented. If things are documented correctly, that is when opportunities come.

Importance of Having a Resume 


Within LENS Consulting Firm, Michelle focuses on the growth of a small business and the upper professionals. She emphasizes having a resume because a business owner always needs a resume. That resume aims to let a client, a partner, or an investor know what your capabilities are as that person. So always have a resume and update it twice a year. As a small business, it must have a resume, which is the capability statement. This capability statement allows a potential investor or a big client to see what your business is capable of.


The great thing about the capability statement is that you can partner with someone, and you can use your and that person’s business experience, put it on that one documentation, and present it to a high-value client. So this is a precious marketing tool and a professional document that all small businesses and large businesses should have. 

What Business Owners should do on LinkedIn to attract bigger clients 


Set yourself as an industry expert and a professional. There is a professional side to every business. You don’t have to post every day on LinkedIn, and just once or twice a week, and you’re showing the professional side of things when you’re out there. 

The ABCs of Government Certification 


  • DBE stands for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.
  • MBE is Minority Business Enterprise. It focuses only on minority women.
  • WBE stands for Woman Business Enterprise.
  • ACDBE is an Airport Concession, a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise that will allow you to do services and businesses within the airport in your state. 
  • HUB is Historically Underutilized Business, and you just have to be a minority-owned small business to have that classification.
  • WOSB is Women-Owned Small Business. 
  • EDWOSB is an Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business.
  • HUBZone means that your business has to be located on the map. Absence means there is not much opportunity. 

How to be Certified 


First, you have to be certified in your home state. After you’re certified in your home state, you can expand. The government will ask for similar information from your home state, but they’ll ask for other stuff. So there’s always a foundation. 

Key Qualifications 


Always have your taxes. You have to have your personal taxes. If you don’t have your personal taxes, you won’t get certified, and you won’t get the money. Even if you’re paying some taxes back, some departments will work with you, and some will not. It’s all in the contracts.

Michelle’s Key Advice 


God has gifted everybody with a gift and a talent. So do what you need to do to reach the community you’re in, and don’t let that stop you. Just go for it. But understand that you may have to invest in yourself. So you may have to take away Starbucks coffee for a month to invest in yourself. But suppose you don’t invest in yourself. In that case, you won’t grow because the growth comes in the connection, the partnerships, and the networking. After all, nobody can know everything.

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Michelle Lenore


Michelle Lenore Weathersby, CEO of LENS Consulting Firm & Michelle Lenore Enterprises assists women & minority small businesses gain thousands to millions of dollars in contracts from the government sector and corporate industries.
She helps to create their professional persona to be presented to receive both government & corporate contracts that will transform their business in legacy, profitability, and community.