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July 26, 2022

Impact Recruiting Center

In this episode, our guest is Rachel Miller. She is the recruiting manager at Impact Recruiting Center, a trucking recruitment agency that helps drivers find jobs that match their lifestyles while assisting companies in filling positions with top-notch drivers. Today, Rachel shares all about the company and how they help both drivers and their partners get work opportunities.

Rachel’s Position at Impact Recruiting Center


Rachel is a recruiting manager at Impact Recruiting Center. Her job is to talk with the drivers and introduce them to the company’s offers. She then tried to find the match between the potential drivers and the actual partners to make a perfect match. Her job is to follow them throughout the hiring process and do follow-ups.


Working for Impact Recruiting Center


Rachel just found herself at the right place at the right time when she got into Impact Recruiting Center. Her friend told her about a new office opening and introduced her to the people in charge. She then decided to try it and has been working there ever since.



Rachel feels that she is doing something that has work. Some of the company’s recruiters are not the most famous people in this industry. So that has been one of the challenges throughout the company’s journey. They try to be as honest as they can, stand by their own words, and ensure that drivers will get what is promised to them. Rachel feels helpful working with Impact Recruiting Center and enjoys every second of it.


How Impact Recruiting Center Got Started


The company is built by drivers, for drivers. The people in charge were drivers themselves. They recognize the need for communication and be that bridge between both sides because many companies do not have their recruiting agents. They just have the applications and don’t have time to fully engage in conversations with the drivers. The managers recognize the space to actually talk with people and see what they want to see what they experienced throughout their business.


Services of Impact Recruiting Center


The company has a marketing department that puts its offers on certain platforms such as social media. They get in touch with people who are actively looking for driving positions and drivers. They have their recruitment and sales that are in charge of the whole process to be well executed. They share all the details we have about the offer, even if there are certain things they don’t know at the moment.



The company always makes the call and ensures that the drivers are aware of what is going on and that they are aware of offers from companies. They also send fresh leads to their partners and ensure they have the right people for any position.


What sets Impact Recruiting Center Apart


Rachel says that the one thing that sets them apart from any other recruitment company is that they are engaged in the whole process. They are not trying to tell stories to make everything bright and shine. If something isn’t working out, they do not hide them and try to find the solution to the problem. They don’t just use people to benefit and send them from one place to another. They are engaged in the process and like staying in touch with their drivers.


Building Relationships


Rachel is all about keeping that family culture in the company. Sometimes, the drivers will leave them unhappy about what they did for them because they just didn’t have the right offer for them at that time. But they all come back, and they go and seek other opportunities, but all come back at some point.


Impact Recruitment Centers’ Program


The company ensures that drivers are included in the process and that the company is with them to hold the whole process. They make sure that drivers are protected and that their partners are reliable.


Milestones and Achievements


Rachel says that every day is a challenge itself. The biggest milestone is to get the people to trust you, to get the people to give you a chance. The biggest thing for the company is trying to do its best to make recruiters comfortable.


Impact Recruiting Center in the Future


The company is now in the process of expanding. They are looking to get more people because they want to keep their quality with quantity. Rachel sees the company expanding in the next few years. The company is looking to grow and get more partners, which Rachel hopes to happen soon.

Learn more about Impact Recruitment Center at https://impactrc.net/


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Rachel Miller Profile Photo

Rachel Miller

Recruiting Manager

Impact RC started working in early 2020, we are proud to say that we started as a small team and worked hard and unique. Now we count more than 20 members in our team and we are still expanding it.
Also the thing that we are the most proud of is that we have hired more than 450 drivers, and that most of those drivers are still working with the companies that we connected them with. We are currently cooperating with more than 50 good and reliable companies but that number is increasing.
We are connecting quality drivers with equal companies. First we want to know exactly what drivers are looking for so we can connect them with the right company for them. Our drivers are so valued and well taken care of. We only work with great companies who can provide the best programs for our drivers. That as well means that we are always here for them, to help them with any kind of problems that they might face.
Our main goal is to have both pirates satisfied, because as we like to say happy driver - happy company.