(Season 1) Ending Oct. 25
Sept. 20, 2022

How Professional Truckers can Earn more, Leverage Income, & Plan for their Future - Patrick Holmes

In this episode, our guest is Patrick Holmes. He began his financial services career at State Employees Credit Union in 2013 and started building relationships with members, helping them with their financial needs ranging from financial counseling, tax preparation, personal and mortgage lending, and Auto, Home, and Life Insurance. Determined to find the best insurance solutions on the market, he founded Seven Two Advisors, specializing in Life, Health, Disability, Long Term Care, and Medicare Solutions with no sales goals, quotas, or forceful sales practices. Today, Patrick explores the essential components that influence a person’s spending habits, discovering the true value of wealth and how to be financially independent.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the interview with Patrick!

About the business


Patrick's company, Seven Two Advisors, got its name and history from his passion for numbers. Seven Two Advisors educates and researches their clients' backgrounds to provide the greatest insurance and financial products possible.


Seven Two Advisors is a training and consulting company. Patrick believes that many people want financial independence, and he provides an organized and systemized way to accomplish this.


Patrick designed multiple phases known as “the wealth steps order of operations,” which talks about attitude transformation, analyzing your income, cash flow mastery, and many more.



Patrick discussed how true wealth is health and how mindset is important in achieving financial independence. How people spend their money and prioritize the worth of their money is crucial, but it can be difficult to modify at times. Patrick's role is to help people refocus their money to achieve their financial goals.

Tracking Expenses


It's not simple to let others handle your money, decide how much you're going to spend, and warn you when you're spending too much. However, because everyone has various vices, and if they can't control them and spend too much money on their vices, Patrick advises people to seek the help of professionals while managing their investments.

Common Financial Struggles


Patrick researched the main challenges of trucking companies. Several trucking companies are overspending on expenses. The answer is to reduce expenses or raise income. Patrick advises people to improve their negotiating abilities to obtain the most valuable offer.

Trucking Industry Tips Programs


The Main Street Money Podcast is an entrepreneurial podcast featuring guests from current startup owners to successful entrepreneurs who have sold their companies. They talk about everything that comes with starting a business, from real estate, investing, insurance, and taxes to making lifelong friends.



Patrick planned to release his podcasts weekly and has released eight episodes. His podcasts are less concerned with the technical aspects of money and more concerned with connecting small company owners and entrepreneurs. Patrick's goal is to repay those who helped him achieve his ambitions.


The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast