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June 7, 2022

GTT Commercial Tires

Greetings ladies and gentlemen.  Today I have the honor of interviewing a young and exceptionally smart, focused and goal driven entrepreneur.  Today’s guest is Mr. Kamard Johnson. Kamard is the CEO and Chief Visionary Officer of GTT Commercial Tires.  His accolades are many, ladies and gentlemen.  This episode is guaranteed to leave you impressed and inspired.  To hear how in his teenage years, he had developed expert skills in sales, and entrepreneurship, to receiving top honors and accolades in the insurance and car dealership industry, to joining forces with his brother to create a multi-million-dollar commercial tire empire.  Without any further delay, let’s join in to learn more about Kamard and GTT Commercial Tire and much more!

About the guest


Kamard grew up in Southside Richmond in a single-parent household. He had her mother, who worked a lot for him and his brother. Her mother has made significant contributions to many of the things that people credit Kamard for.


T.J. Maxx provided Kamard with an amazing manager who contributed to his growth and development as a young man and professional in that workplace. Working at H.H. Gregg, he was exposed to the customer service merchandising pit, sales floor, and electronics department. It served as a springboard for Kamard to improve his quality of life by teaching him how to communicate effectively with a variety of people.

Entrepreneurial Spirit


Kamard believes that entrepreneurship is in his blood. Growing up, his brother always had a business. His brother had worked in a variety of industries, including sheet rock, seal coating, and paving. That definitely impacted Kamard subconsciously, growing up and seeing him always attempting to be his own man and essentially blaze his own trail.

Starting a business


The entire time, Kamard’s mother was adamant about his brother not joining forces to do something together. They ventured into a car dealership together. Which gave him a lot of context around what it would be like to work with family and what it would look like to be intimately intertwined in business.



His brother learned a lot about the plight of truckers, including the importance of getting the right price for tires and other issues. As the market for passenger tires began to dwindle, other retailers began to increase their market share with it. It became very erratic, and the margin quickly shrank. As a result, he moved on to attempting commercial truck tires. In 2016, he began with 7 new tires in his backyard shed. It was all about wholesale prices to the drive. As a result, he was able to immediately come in and add value to many truckers.


In 2018, Kamard's brother's business made $317,000 a year. Kamard believed he could always return to corporate, but he couldn't pass up the chance to accomplish something unique with his brother. Kamard decided to join in January 2019, and they’ve been rolling together ever since.

GTT Commercial Tires


GTT commercial tires is a community tire store. It’s for owner-operators who can come into an environment where they will be treated with respect. Getting in and out at a time that just blows their mind allows them more operating time to go out and make more money and to get the education around this specific tire for their application to get the best experience.


For Kamard’s team, it’s about ensuring that all of their teammates are as educated as possible to guide you through your shopping journey.


They do have 24/7 mobile services. The same abilities that they have on the storefront, the same capabilities mobile as well.

Scale your own tire company


They are now creating an educational platform that will teach anybody interested how to start and scale their own tire company to seven figures easily.

Biggest Challenge


The most difficult challenge for Kamard has been himself. He claimed that his overly aggressive approach to growth and scaling put them in a financial bind.


Kamard gives himself more grace now to make mistakes because they’re gonna happen no matter how prepared you are.


One thing Kamard always encourages people to do is to be curious. It allows you to experiment with various things. You can then embark on a path that will not only provide you with whatever you seek financially in life, but will also provide you with what you require to be fulfilled.



Recognize that it will be difficult, and it’s supposed to be. Do not allow that to deter you.


In the beginning, optimize learning over earning. Look to develop yourself with the many skill sets you feel will apply to business success.

If you had to pick someone out to play your life in a movie role, who would it be?


For Kamard, it’d be the late great Chadwick Boseman.

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Kamard Johnson Profile Photo

Kamard Johnson


At only 29 years old, Kamard Johnson is the CEO and Chief Visionary Officer of GTT Commercial Tires, a seven-figure new and used commercial tire store. Founded by his older brother, Kamard joined to scale sales and customer experience, building relationships in Richmond’s community of local drivers. Kamard quickly grew GTT Commercial Tires from $317K in 2018 to $4.6M in revenue at the end of 2021, increasing customer volume, revenue volume, and employee volume.

Kamard appears to be the picture of success, but his ascent to the top of his industry was not an easy one. Kamard was raised by a single-mother in Richmond, Virginia’s gritty Southside. A hustler at heart with an entrepreneurial spirit, Kamard became an expert in sales by middle school, selling Pokemon cards, and getting paid to do homework for his athlete classmates. At 16, he began contributing his income to the household to pay bills. He continued with sales jobs after high school in order to support his mother, while mentoring at-risk youth in his local community. In fact, Kamard currently has plans to eventually open community centers, where underserved youth are taught the necessary skill sets for entrepreneurship and wealth-building.

Kamard has been honored on multiple occasions for his distinguished work in sales, including being named as the youngest recipient of the Pacesetter First 40 Award during his time at Northwestern Mutual. He was also invited to join the prestigious President Club, an honor reserved for top earners, while at CarMax. Kamard and the business have been featured on the Truck n’ Hustle podcast and Richmond BizSense.