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May 19, 2022

Descal-A-Matic Corporation

Descal-A-Matic Corporation

In this episode, our guest is Larry Walker. He is the Chief Operating Officer at Descal-A-Matic Corporation, a small, veteran-owned company with a worldwide customer base that provides non-chemical technology for enhancing the performance of diesel fuel-powered equipment. Since 1970, Descal-A-Matic has provided environmentally sound water treatment technology to control scale and water quality without chemicals in government and industrial installations worldwide. Today, Larry talks with us about the importance of conservation and how his company's applications help decrease fuel emissions and increase fuel endurance. So, let’s join in with Larry to learn more!

How Larry joined Descal-A-Matic Corporation


From 2004 to 2016, Larry was in defense consulting, where he worked with major manufacturers with great engineering. He says that many of these major companies don’t know how to use engineering concepts or how the military uses them in their system. His goal was to apply technology developed in the military to make missions safer and use lesser people. Larry’s role was to get engineers in front of military personnel that could best use them.

Descal-A-Matic Corp’s Services


The company provides magnetic technology based on the power of magnetics for two purposes. The company's primary purpose long-term focus was on water systems. In the mid-80s, the company focused on studying fuels and what magnetic influence may do positively on fuels. The company put smaller units into a diesel-powered pickup truck in the fuel line. The result was that it had reduced fuel consumption ever since the mid-80s. The company sold its technology as a fuel saver for conditioning fuel to burn cleaner, producing fewer emissions, and extending the service.

Going International


The company has had numerous overseas customers that Descal’s technology into their equipment. In Australia, they have road drains and huge tractors pulling four or five trailers behind them, going across the Australian outback from coast to coast. The country was one of Descal’s early overseas applications. They saw over a 16% increase in fuel endurance. Their initial effort had been to reduce the horsepower of the engines thinking they were going to save money on fuel.

Money-Back Guarantee


Descal guarantees a 10% increase in fuel endurance. One of the lessons Larry learned was to be conservative, and that is why Descal gives a money-back guarantee if there isn’t a decrease in fuel and smoke consumption. Larry shares that fleet managers are pretty happy if they see a three to 5% increase in fuel endurance-based no matter what they do to achieve that, no matter what they're putting on their vehicle.

How Descal’s Technology Works


One of Descal’s customers is a yacht owner. After applying for Descal’s services, the owner saw a 10% increase in fuel endurance on his 80-foot Hatteras yacht. Descal’s magnetic influence causes hydrocarbon molecules to expand and attract more oxygen molecules. And as the fuel goes through the combustion process, it's burned more thoroughly and more cleanly. You get less harmful exhaust emissions, and you get cleaner engines because you don't get the sludge buildup and the carbon buildup inside the engine as much, which are our cost factors for maintenance.

What type of Vehicles can Descal’s unit be used on?


Descal had to put their unit on gasoline-powered vehicles. But they also try to focus on propane-powered vehicles or low LPG, liquid petroleum-type fuels. So from over the road trucks, heavy equipment, a commercial and private maritime craft that are diesel-powered generators, emergency generators, etc.

Protecting Water Systems


Protection of water systems has been the company's primary focus since 1970. Their magnets for water have been protecting their applications for many years. Water systems are removed and cleaned once a year in Norfolk using permanent magnets. Every mineral molecule has an electrical charge. That electrical charge is reversed as it flows through the magnetic influence fields. Instead of an electrical charge that causes in a normal state, those mineral molecules collect together, particularly in heat transfer systems, etc. Reversing that electrical charge causes those minerals to pass through the system and down the drain or in a recirculating system. The magnetic influence focuses on the dissolved minerals in the water.


The magnetic influence doesn't care what fluid is flowing through the unit. It has a unique effect, whether it's water and the dissolved minerals in the water, or its fuel and the hydrocarbon molecules of fuel. It has a unique effect on each of those.

Descal A Matic Corp in the Future


Larry sees the company rebuilding from the period of COVID and rebuilding the customer base and getting the word out. Larry’s goal is to see the company grow 20% a year.

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Larry Walker


- Retire Marine, 28 years active duty
- Spent 12 years in Defense Consulting
- Joined Descal-A-Matic Corporation in 2016 as COO
-- DAMC began providing its non-chemical, magnetically based technology for protecting water handling equipment from mineral scale and corrosion in the early '70s. For 52 years now, this has been our primary business focus.
-- in the mid-80s our Founder, Ernie Florestano, was researching the effect of magnetic influence on fuels and experimented by installing one of our smaller units into the fuel line of a diesel powered pickup truck. Got excellent results in increased fuel endurance.
-- For the past 37 years we've provided our magnetic technology to equipment operators across the spectrum of diesel powered equipment; from over-the-road trucks, to construction equipment, to maritime craft, to boiler operators, etc. The powerpoint slides show a small example of the varied applications that have been made of our technology.