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Feb. 7, 2022

D. Gray Trucking & Hauling Services

D. Gray Trucking & Hauling Services

In this episode of the Trucking Entrepreneur’s Podcast, our guest is DeShontae Morgan. She is the CEO of D. Gray Trucking & Hauling Services, a private-owned service company that helps trucking companies meet all the rules, regulations, and requirements of the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Today, DeShontae will share with us how she started her career in the trucking industry. She also talks about enhancing operations by establishing Trucking Safety and Compliance systems, DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing and Training, and more.

What was once a Dream


Growing up, DeShontae dreamt of owning her own business one day. She and her sister would sell candy from their book bag during junior high and used that as a side hustle. When she became a teenager, she became fond of crafts, arts, and fashion. She would participate in activity clubs and fun committees, and student councils.

DeShontae’s Professional Experience


After becoming a mother, she decided to work as a certified pharmacy technician. After that, she landed at a Fortune 500 Financial Institute, where she held positions in loan processing, loss mitigation, and corporate and commercial banking. After working in the bank industry, she secured a position at a commercial real estate firm as a portfolio analyst. She managed portfolios that housed 300 locations of commercial real estate, property, and commercial equipment.

DeShontae’s Favorite Work Experience


DeShontae’s favorite work experience was banking because the departments were like puzzle pieces. She liked connecting the dots, which allowed her to be selected for promotions easily.

DeShontae’s Trigger Point


When DeShontae worked at the bank, there was a time when she was a tax preparer during tax season for a tax company. She worked there while also working independently. With the overwhelm of having two jobs, she felt like she needed something that she could do to work for herself.

Always keep a Business Card


DeShontae says that you will never know who you will meet. You will never know that one person that will see what you have to offer. With everyday conversations, learn how to keep a business card on you. They are not completely old-fashioned. Keep one in your pocket because you never know when you might come across that key connection.

The Reasonable Suspicion Test


Anytime your employer or your supervisor sees any red flags of a possible drug or alcohol abuse, you are required to be tested. The DOT requires it, and the reason being is your policy will cover the steps that need to be taken by you, the company, and the driver. If you have an employee assistance program, the DOT will audit your company, and they'll be checking to see if you're enrolled in a consortium with a third-party administration. What they want to know is that you are implementing a drug and alcohol testing program, that you've trained your drivers and your supervisors, and that you have a written policy in place.

Violations and their Consequences


A violation like failed drug or alcohol tests or refusal to test has consequences that are not worth it. The driver receives a violation that leads to fines and fees. They get removed from safety-sensitive functions and can no longer operate a commercial motor vehicle at all. They're reported to the FMCSA drug and alcohol clearinghouse, and then they have to complete a treatment plan with a substance abuse professional. That process takes anywhere from 12 months to five years, depending on the substance abuse professional plan for them. That is the worst scenario outside of any accident that may have incurred due to you driving under the influence.

DeShontae’s Dedicated Compliance Manager


The thought process is that DeShontae and her team just want to give a personalized experience. It makes the process much smoother for everyone involved. She noticed that it helps clients to be more comfortable. DeShontae says that their goal is to help their clients eliminate any stress.

  1. Gray Trucking’s Plans for 2022 and the Future


DeShontae says that they are seeking to enhance the services that they currently have. They have been thinking of more ways to save time and money for their clients. They are considering expanding to other DOT agencies to require compliance regulations.

DeShontae’s Main Advice for Someone Just Starting in the Trucking Industry


“Timing is everything. The transportation industry is not going anywhere. Make compliance your best friend and be willing to invest in the right team. That's the winning formula.”


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DeShontae Morgan

Owner/Compliance Director

I wear many hats, but I am most proud of being a wife and a mother! D. Gray Trucking & Hauling Services, LLC is named after my 14-year-old son DeSean Gray. I would like to show my kids how to achieve greatness by putting their best foot forward!
I am sharing my business and finance knowledge to elevate people, not just those in my community, but around the world by helping transportation owners create business systems that free up time and improve profits. My 15 years of experience includes working for Fortune 500 companies within Banking, Portfolio Management, Commercial Real Estate, and Commercial Equipment. My transportation industry specialty includes Driver Safety Compliance, DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing, and Training.
One of my missions is to become a leader in my community that affects positive change by instilling pride, hope, and success. I cannot solve all the issues faced alone that is why I value the help and support of other individuals like myself. I believe my contributions will advance diversity, equality, and inclusion while creating a respectful workplace at D. Gray Trucking & Hauling Services. ~