(Season 1) Ending Oct. 25
Aug. 3, 2022

Business and Marketing Advice with Derrick Williams and The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast

Listen in with Derrick Williams, Host of The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast discuss how serving others and providing massive value sometimes at the expense of one's own financial success are keys to a fulfilling and joyful life.

Follow along as we showcase how they're supporting the trucking industry through podcasting and connecting trucking industry professionals.
Hard working values passed down from older generations to Derrick has propelled his podcast to larger audiences and connected many small business owners to valuable business partners.

Leveraging social media and podcasting platforms are tried and true ways of meeting new people, similar to going into an old country store and talking to your neighbors in the good old days. Enjoy sage business and marketing advice from Derrick on this episode of The Main Street Money Show Podcast.

If you're a small business owner, these principles and strategies will move your business forward especially the old saying "You Have Not Because You Ask Not"

Enjoy this episode of The Main Street Money Podcast with your host Patrick Holmes. Website: https://seventwoadvisorsdiycourses.thinkific.com/.

Shout-out to Mr. Patrick Holmes for having me as a (guest) on the Cash Flow Trucking Podcast.  Patrick is a great Host, and rich in knowledge in the investing, financial industry, business, trucking, and much more.  Be sure to visit him at: https://seventwoadvisorsdiycourses.thinkific.com/.


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