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Aug. 2, 2022

Braveheart Logistics with Jason Clark

In this episode, Jason Clark of Braveheart Logistics joins the show. Jason Clark is the co-founder and CEO of Braveheart Logistics. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in logistics, supply chain management, and business growth. He has brought together two seemingly different fields: business and transportation, thanks to his experience as a successful entrepreneur and his work in the field of logistics. Today, Jason discusses trucking, including how he found his company, how the people around him helped him succeed, and how to be successful in this industry. Sit back and enjoy!

About the Guest


Jason is from East Texas, more particularly Athens, Texas. Jason has been residing in Mansfield, Texas, a little town northeast of Dallas, for nearly 15 years. He met his wife in high school, and they married after graduating from high school together. They currently have two girls and a boy.

Trucking Industry


Jason's brother-in-law taught him more about trucking. After some time, Jason became a broker for BFF Logistics, a trucking company where he makes deals and gains clients, and has learned the principles of business and the value of patience.

Braveheart Logistics


Jason named his logistics company "Braveheart" after the film of the same name. "It takes a brave heart to succeed" is his and the company's motto. Braveheart Logistics is merely one of many ideas that came to him.


Braveheart Logistics, according to Jason, cares about its employees. Jason and his wife ensure that their employees receive their paychecks on schedule and have enough time to spend with their families. Braveheart also provides other opportunities, such as their academy, which teaches more about the logistics business from both the dispatcher and broker perspectives. Braveheart Logistics also provides this service and the necessary instruments to equip their employees.

Horrible Experiences


A significant number of truck drivers have had terrible interactions with several different logistics companies. On the other hand, Jason's strategy for resolving the issue or assisting them is to experiment with new approaches, make an effort to understand and empathize with them and educate them.

Bravehearts' Driver Qualities


The owner-operators position at Braveheart Logistics is currently open for applications. In Jason's business, he is seeking particular characteristics that his drivers should have and is looking for them. They are conscientious and get the job done within the allotted time, but the most important thing is that they are loyal to the company.

Truck Driving 101


Truck Driving 101 is a training that teaches people about the road. They'll teach people how to read a rate card, be a broker, and understand contracts and other such things. It also teaches people how to interpret agreements, recons, or how much you make per mile, among other things.

Getting into Trucking


Jason encourages people to get out there and learn more about Logistics. Because there are so many branches within the trucking industry, everyone needs to explore to find their niche.

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