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June 14, 2022

Bostec Inc.

Bostec Inc.

Brenda Calvert is an artist, entrepreneur, and manager of Bostec, Inc. In her art business, she teaches art by doing classes with kids and commissions paintings from time to time. Brenda has been working on Bostec, Inc. for over three years now. Bostec helps companies establish their drug and alcohol policy to have a drug-free workplace. In this episode, Brenda shares about the drug and alcohol industry and the company Bostec, Inc. and more!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

About the Guest


Brenda Calvert was born in a small town in Lynden, Washington. She is currently married with three teenagers. She used to be a medical receptionist for an oncology clinic. Now, she has opened up her own art business. She teaches kids about art and has done commissioned paintings for clients.

Bostec, Inc.


Brenda didn’t plan on entering the drug alcohol collection industry. However, when she injured her shoulder, she had to stop painting. Coincidentally, there was a job opening at Bostec. Due to her experience as a receptionist and an entrepreneur, she was able to get the job. She had been with Bostec for three and a half years.


The logo of Bostec is a symbol of an underpass highway. Bostec was founded by Rich Bosman to have a company that would grow in the drug and alcohol testing industry. Rich is a retired state patrolman that saw an urgency to have support for federal and non-federal companies. Trucking companies often experience getting tickets and fines due to non-compliance. Most of the time, these companies have no idea about certain rules. In Bostec, they help them remain compliant, running random drug and alcohol testing, and are keeping the drivers in the consortium. They also provide their clients with a comprehensive drug and alcohol policy.


Non-Federal employees who are in safety-sensitive work positions can be monitored. They implement policies to maintain a drug and alcohol-free workplace. Bostec also offers breath alcohol testing supplies.


Bostec only has one location: Lynden, Washington. However, they have various clinics and collection sites all over the US.


Pre-employment drug tests are essential for drivers, and they will only be able to get back on the road if they already have their pre-employment drug test.

Hardest Challenges in the Industry


At Bostec, they see the regularization of marijuana in Washington State for non-federal use as one of the challenges they faced. It’s illegal for DOT jobs, but for non-DOT jobs, it is hard to navigate. When companies call, Bostec helps them walk through the process and would also give them advice.


The regularization of marijuana may lead to some people consuming them at home. Being a chronic user of marijuana, it sticks to their cells, leading to a positive test result 30 days after they stop.


Having a job at a federal level, you must be willing to sacrifice drug use, and you can’t be a truck driver if you are using marijuana.

Employees Off Hours Activities


If an employee gets a DUI arrest, Bostec can assist them throughout the process. The company has a choice to either keep the driver and help them or let the driver go and give advice on where to get help. In this situation, many factors get affected, and it is essential to address the situation in the best plan.

Attributes of a Drug-Free Workplace


To have a sound drug free workplace, Brenda mentioned the following:

  •         Develop a Solid Drug and Alcohol Policy
  •         Pre-employment Drug Testing
  •         Random Drug Testing (e.g., quarterly or twice a year)

Bostec can help you customize your policy for drugs and alcohol in your company.

Drug Testing Supplies


Companies may purchase drug testing supplies from Bostec, which can be purchased through their website, by calling, or by emailing them.


In-home use drug testing, drug test urine samples sometimes get tainted. In this case, it is okay to have a parent or guardian look and wait while the person is taking their test, and they try to ensure that the sample isn’t fake.

Breath Alcohol Technician Training Certification


Bostec offers a training certification on how to give a breath alcohol test and urine collection.


Most people enjoy in-person training for this certification and do supervisory training courses in person. Supervisors must know the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use in the workplace. In this way, if they have suspicions, they can bring the employee in to get tested.


There are some symptoms you may notice to determine drug use. These can be red eyes, extreme weight loss or gain, foggy stare, etc. You must know your employees well to determine the symptoms. Sometimes, they might just be going through something.

Drug and Alcohol Testing


A truck driver is required to get tested randomly once a year. They have 32 hours to do a drug test and 8 hours to do a breath alcohol test if they get involved in an accident. Bostec offers after-hours services for this.


If a truck driver gets a positive drug test, they are immediately requested to stop driving and do a non-safety sensitive job instead. They also have to go through counseling, a negative return to duty test, random drug tests, etc. These are different for every driver.

Valuable Things to Share


Brenda shared that CBD cream or oil is okay to use and helps many people. However, the DOT is concerned about its THC content, so they implemented that CBD products should only contain 3% THC. She says that some CBD products don’t follow regulations, so one should be careful and check them first.

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Brenda Calvert


Manager of Bostec Inc in Lynden, WA. We manage Drug and Alcohol programs for companies as well as do collections.