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May 16, 2022

The Top 3 Resources You Need for Your Trucking & Logistics Business

The Top 3 Resources You Need for Your Trucking & Logistics Business

Logistical services in general, and the trucking industry, in particular, are commonly cited as being the driving force behind economic growth. As a result, the trucking industry continues to be one of the most critical sectors of the economy, as it collaborates with the country's ports to carry supplies around the country on a very tight schedule. In many countries, this is true, and it is undoubtedly true in the United States of America.

 It takes a significant amount of effort to start and operate a trucking company from the ground up.  For a business effort to be successful, it must consider many factors. It can be challenging to run a business as an owner-operator while simultaneously ensuring that you take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. They are constantly moving, transferring raw materials from suppliers to manufacturers, and then delivering finished items to consumers. The truth is that trucks move more than 70% of the things transported from one location to another within the United States.

 The entire economy will halt if these continuous flows are not maintained. While many other businesses closed during the COVID-19 lockdowns, the trucking industry remained operational. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the trucking industry is highly profitable and competitive.

Every year, many truck drivers decide to go out on their own and start a trucking firm, only to fail miserably.  The most common blunder is failing to recognize that operating a trucking firm is not the same as driving a truck. You may be a world-class truck driver, but to be a successful business owner in the trucking industry, you must first and foremost be a good business owner.

 Without small trucking companies and the drivers who work for them, the economy would practically come to a halt. So, why not start a successful transportation firm in an industry that will always be in great demand, such as trucking?  If you aspire to run a profitable trucking company, you should know that this industry requires several excellent resources to do its job efficiently.

 As a result, we've compiled the top three most professional, economical, and beneficial resources in the commercial trucking industry. These resources can assist you in providing support for your small business or trucking firm.

 OTR Solutions

The non-recourse factoring program offered by OTR Solutions is the best in the trucking industry in terms of service, features, and advantages. Established in 2011, OTR Solutions assists carriers and owner-operators in maintaining a solid cash flow while expanding their operations. OTR Solutions has extensive expertise dealing with small, medium, and large businesses, and the company is committed to establishing solid, long-lasting partnerships with its clients and partners.

 OTR Solutions provides the most dependable flat factoring rates with no hidden costs and the most transparent factoring plans in the factoring sector. It stands out as the number one alternative for factoring loads because of its straightforward pricing, the absence of long-term contracts or commitments, and the ability to create customized factoring programs to meet your specific business needs.

 The complete services provided by OTR Solutions have earned them an overwhelmingly good reputation. Customers have praised OTR Solutions excellent and personal customer service and the company's swift response time as particularly noteworthy. In the words of a representative from Lydel Logistics Corp., "No issue is unimportant [to OTR Solutions], and all difficulties are resolved in a fast and effective manner."

 OTR Solutions, in particular, provides the following services:

  • Factoring can be used for both recourse and non-recourse situations.
  • Credit checks are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Invoicing is made simple through the client site, and a mobile app is available for convenience.
  • There are no minimum monthly payments, volume limits, or credit restrictions.
  • All cash flow and back-office requirements will be handled by a dedicated account manager


ICDriversList, is an online directory that combines a modern, easy-to-use design with an extensive list of industry experts. By exploring this trusted network of top-rated Transportation & Logistics Professionals, you can quickly and easily find the professionals you need. 

As a veteran-owned company, ICDriversList concentrates its efforts on building a world-class platform to ensure that every user enjoys the best possible experience while searching for transportation and logistics experts. In the registry, you will find drivers and companies prepared to provide unparalleled service.

ICDriversList is more than just an online directory.  Instead, it serves as an information hub and a focal point for networking and collaboration among industry members, resulting in the formation of mutually beneficial ties for the benefit of all parties involved.

It is a powerful platform designed to bridge the gap between all facets of the Transportation and Logistics Industry. With organic formulation and design, ICDriversList has created an idea that incorporates efficient channeling inside the confines of their online community's structure and parameters. It brings together independent, corporate, small, and large organizations under one roof to develop relationships and increase the knowledge and expertise shared within the trucking industry.

ICDriversList Membership Directory is an extremely robust platform, creating an engaging environment that has naturally evolved with its community. The goal is to bring together businesses of all sizes to foster new relationships while increasing all members' exposure. There are three membership levels available. Some of the benefits include a comprehensive directory of categories ranging from Freight Dispatchers to Warehousing, the latest Supply Chain News, a Knowledge Hub, a variety of options for promoting your business, classifieds, and other incentives. In addition, ICDriversList acts as a focal point for networking and collaboration for the transportation and logistics industry members, resulting in mutually beneficial relationships for all parties involved.

 MyTrucker Pro

MyTrucker Pro is a free online network created for the transportation and logistics industry. The founders recognized that the industry needed a social commerce site to meet the needs of the industry by focusing services in one place. MyTrucker Pro was born out of this necessity. Anyone involved in the trucking industry should take advantage of this fantastic platform. MyTrucker Pro connects members in over 100 languages, ranging from truck drivers, owner-operators, dispatchers, service providers, and more. MyTrucker Pro also allows members to create, share, and exchange information with other members. 

The platform features include public and private groups, allowing you to participate in industry-related discussions and information sharing. The platform also includes a marketplace for equipment exchange and selling, job boards, and member partner benefits. Features for business owners include free advertising, real-time language translation, networking, and partner savings. Joining MyTrucker Pro gives you or your business exposure and allows you to communicate with people worldwide in real-time.

We are all aware that transportation is not always straightforward. MyTrucker Pro allows you to do all you need in one convenient location. They are creating a community dedicated to the transportation industry, where you can take charge of your business and run it the way you want it to, with its primary goal to provide partnership services to the transportation industry at a reduced cost to its members. 

With MyTrucker Pro, you can streamline your business while also saving money.  MyTrucker Pro has formed partnerships with several businesses to provide members discounts on additional business needs. TrüNorth Warranty provides warranty programs, CDL Legal provides legal services, TCS Fuel Card provides money-saving opportunities at the pump, and AscendTMS provides load management. Increased collaborations with transportation-related businesses will continue to flourish as the excitement surrounding a specialized networking site for the transportation industry grows. A mobile application will enhance the user experience and is currently in the works.  

MyTrucker Pro was founded in early 2019 by industry and technology specialists. The culmination of years of effort has resulted in an impressive network and aggregation site for the transportation industry. MyTrucker Pro is a transportation distribution center, and its distinctive offering is derived from its strategic partnerships.  In addition, MyTrucker Pro membership provides access to benefits that are only available to larger organizations in the industry - it is a place where individuals are valued.

Growing a successful trucking business is hard work, but you don’t have to do it alone. These resources can help you start, grow and establish a profitable trucking business.  It would not be a terrible idea to use a combination of these tools to keep up with the latest news in the trucking sector. In addition, receiving information through various mediums may prove to be advantageous. Reading articles, listening to radio or podcasts, and viewing videos from all of these media may be the most effective approach for you to feel like you are up to date on anything trucking-related in your life. These are, by no means, the only resources from which you may obtain relevant information, but they are a great place to start. 

To hear our interview with CEO and Co-Founder, Mr. Andy Coy, you can do so by clicking on: MyTrucker Pro Interview.

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