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June 21, 2022

Benefits For Trucking with Danielle Spaar

Benefits For Trucking with Danielle Spaar

In this episode, our guest is Danielle Spaar, Area Sales Manager for Benefits for Trucking, an insurance company that helps trucking and transportation professionals.  The company has worked in the trucking industry for over 30 years. They aim to help the trucking industry have higher value benefits and enrollment solutions. Today, Danielle talks with us about the importance of insurance to the trucking industry and much more.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy this short, but power packed interview!

Discovering Trucking  


Before getting into the trucking business, Danielle was a traditional hairstylist. Because of the pandemic, she pursued becoming an author and a caregiver. Her family then needed to make a big move because her parents suffered multiple health problems. Danielle then tried to find something more virtual to take care of her parents while making money. That is when she stumbled upon Benefits for Trucking 

Love for the Trucking Industry


The president of Danielle’s company loves the trucking industry and the welfare of truck drivers. He saw many different needs in the industry that could be addressed. He wanted to focus solely on the trucking industry. The president is a forward-thinking person and wants to try and cover whatever the need is that he can see that would make the truckers’ life easier.

Health Insurance


Benefits for Trucking’s biggest product is its health insurance. There is a large percentage of truckers, especially owners and operators, without insurance because it is very expensive. With Benefits for Trucking’s insurance offer, it is very affordable to every trucker. The offer has two signups: the owner and one other person. The offer also covers family members and is $0 deductible.


They also have a CDL Legal Help. Many different things can happen during an inspection or put a truck out of service. The program helps them with traffic violations and with anything legal.


Benefits for Trucking also offer short-term disability insurance. It’s basically disability income that if they get hurt and are out of work, you can get an income during that time so that you can cover your mortgage and your bills. The company wants the best benefits for its customers and wants to ensure that they get the stuff they need and are covered when they need protection.

The Family Business


For Danielle, the best part about being in a family-owned business is communication. She can call the president and get a reply right away. She loves working for her family business because of the special individual care for everyone that is part of the company.

Quality Service and Insurance


Benefits for Trucking assure every client that everything will be taken care of. They will make sure that everyone is on the same page. They have partnered with companies that help with the payroll, the back office, and more. All the benefits from the company will be covered and taken care of for the client.

Mobile App for Sleep Apnea


Benefits for Trucking also has a mobile app for sleeping and sleep apnea. Your phone will track your sleeping, and that information will be sent to the company, where they will give a diagnosis. They will create a report and a treatment plan. The user will then be given equipment for the treatment. This is great for truckers with a busy schedule and no time to take care of themselves.

Valuable Nuggets


Benefits for Trucking come from the goal of helping their clients. They make sure that you and your family are protected. They come from people who care, so they ensure to take care of your needs.


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Caregiver/Benefits Consultant

Caregiver to my dad who has Alzheimer’s and mother who suffered a major stroke. Had to pivot in my career as a hairstylist to stay home and work virtually. That is when I found: Benefits For Trucking.
I now help the trucking industry find the best benefits for their needs. I love the down to earth mentality that this business has and the core belief in helping others.