(Season 1) Ending Oct. 25


My name is Derrick Williams. When I was younger, I wanted to own my own business and be in a position to help others succeed someday. But what kind of business would that be? And what position could I hold so as to give people opportunities? Eventually, I got a driver's job with a snack food company driving box trucks. There, I learned about other people's businesses. Those valuable connections spurred me into wanting another change again - something different. It also revealed skills inside me which made the transition easier; though missing those meaningful relationships every day on the job pained me deeply - even at times forgetting how much work goes into owning your own company too. Years after leaving that industry behind, including multiple new career ventures (and two dispatch courses), God led me to create a podcast for entrepreneurs in the trucking and logistics industry.  Thus, The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast was born.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to shine a light on entrepreneurs in the trucking and logistics industry by providing them a platform to showcase their entrepreneurial journey, their services, and products they offer.