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May 26, 2022

AAWTA - African American Women Trucking Association

AAWTA - African American Women Trucking Association

In this episode, Ms. Katavi Jones joins us to share all about the non-profit organization African American Women Trucking Association.  She is the Co-Founder and Vice President of the board of the organization.  AAWTA aims to provide help and resources to African American Women and women of color. Tune in as she shares with us some of the benefits of being a member of AAWTA, their Affiliate Membership program, their trucking grants and scholarships program and so much more.

About the Guest


Katavi Jones is the co-founder of African American Women Trucking Association along with her cousin, Nicole Ward as well as Donna Shepherd. She used to work for a large healthcare system in Orlando, Florida. Katavi decided to move to Atlanta and worked at a nonprofit infectious disease clinic. It was in 2017 when she started her entrepreneurial journey, partnered with a friend in opening up a private practice. When her cousin had the opportunity to establish a trucking company, Katavi joined her so they could establish a family-oriented mission. This led to the start of the African American Women Trucking Association.

African American Women Trucking Association (AAWTA)


The number of women drivers increases as time goes by. However, there’s still been a lack of a platform that assists them in their journey. The African American Women Trucking Association aims to provide a platform for women that can help them when it comes to resources and a safe space for them.


The headquarters of the African American Women Trucking Association is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Its main goal is to unite African American women to create a safe community for trucking and minority women. It always aims to provide a platform and resources to its community. They are planning to have education certification courses.

Benefits of Being a Member in AAWTA


Katavi enumerated the following benefits:

  •   Inducted into a Family and Support System
  •   Access to other Vendors
  •   Benefits from the Sponsors
  •   Access to Unlimited Resources
  •   Yearly Certification Course and Discounted Rate on Other Courses
  •   Job Board

Trucking Grants and Scholarships


They continue to gather other affiliates that can help in providing scholarships and grants for the members of AAWTA. Members have the opportunity to apply for these scholarships and they will always be the first ones to know all about it.

Membership Affiliates Program


Affiliates does not necessarily mean that you need to be a woman as well. You can be an affiliate even if you are not a woman. You’ll be able to promote your brand among the members of AAWTA.

Going Nonprofit than a Traditional Business Corporation


Katavi enumerated various reasons why they chose to establish a nonprofit organization:

  •   Provide different resources to members
  •   Increase their available resources
  •   Being able to provide 501C3 Taxes
  •   To be able to provide discounts and exemptions
  •   To be able to have donations
  •   Expansion of Resource Pool

Future of AAWTA


They aim to be nationwide after 3-5 years. They envision having partnerships with different truck shops to further expand the member benefits. They hope to give out more scholarships to those who deserve them. They also aim to provide and help in decreasing unemployment.

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To unite the African American Women and women of color in the trucking industry while providing a platform for development and resources