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June 28, 2022

A powerful app that's a major source of information & vendors for trucking professionals.

A powerful app that's a major source of information & vendors for trucking professionals.

In this episode, our guest is Humberto Marquez, founder of Miggy for Truckers, the ultimate trucking resource for the CDL driver. Today, Humberto shares with us his journey into trucking, how he launched Miggy, and also the integrations and features of the powerful app and more. Humberto's goal is to help truckers and the trucking industry. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Journey into Trucking 


Humberto’s father was a truck driver. He has been exposed to trucking his whole life, where his dad would take him on the road and hang out with his father’s friends. With those experiences, Humberto learned that the challenges truckers deal with on the road are the cold nights and the sleepers. When he got older, he quit his job and started a trucking company and brokerage with his brother. 


Learning Curves 


At the start of his new company, Humberto had two trucks to lease, and he hit a high point where they managed to lease 35 trucks. This high point became an instrumental curve for Humberto’s company and taught him a lot about trucking. He learned the different planning that can be done and financial planning in trucking.


The early stages of Miggy.io


Humberto says that some competitors weren’t very helpful, and there are some weaknesses in their business strategy that he was trying to defeat with Miggy. When Humberto did the soft launch of Miggy, he used to call it Channel 19 because that’s the channel that most truckers would communicate on. The early stages of the app were a live web domain, and everything was playing around on Humberto being curious about what he could do with it.  


The Origin behind “Miggy” 


Humberto says that his father’s name is Miguel. The name “Miggy” came from his father’s name. He chose the name to get attention and make the word into a verb as “Google” has become. 


What Miggy.io offers 


Humberto took his focus on the south, mainly in Texas. He says that whenever you’re looking for a service provider on the road and your truck breaks down, you can do a detailed search for whatever is wrong with it inside the search engine inside Miggy. The app also uses your precise GPS locations to find the nearest help you can get. Unlike Google, the app is mainly for truckers and has a detailed and thorough database for truckers. 


Integrations and Features of Miggy.io 


Humberto will continue to make Miggy free for service providers to list their information for truckers to access at all times. There is even an incentive to service providers once a business is listed. A service provider account's back end will have a lead management tool. The app has been recently added with integration where in your service provider portal, you can type in either your WhatsApp account or your Facebook Messenger account. Through that, trucking companies can contact you directly from the media website. Humberto and his team are making Miggy synchronized to where companies can call you using accurate information. Humberto is also trying to incentivize service providers to list their business. 


Miggy can also find those that offer fair pricing. There is also a rating feature, and you will be able to contact businesses that are verified. Humberto is also working on having a “trusted batch,” which will tackle legal issues like getting done unfairly by service providers. Miggy allows truckers to find providers with a trusted badge. 


Process and the Benefits of Signing up 


Humberto says that if you go to https://miggy.io/, you can see a “sign-in” button and a “list with us” button. If you’re a service provider, you want to “list with us” instead of finding it like a truck driver would. You are going to see the different listing options between listings events. An ad section is also built into the product for future use. 



If you sign up, you will have an account login to handle any leads that come your way. You will have some SEO functionality that will play in part. If you’re a company with some SEO work on your website, there’s a section where you’re going to highlight some keywords and sections. You will be able to link your website to give your website more authority as Google starts recognizing more websites linking to your website. 


The Biggest Challenge 


For Humberto, the biggest challenge is working to the ability to make Miggy free for everybody while funding it himself. Another challenge is building a very scalable manner for the app where it doesn’t become too expensive. Humberto always thinks about how things are getting expensive and that the ability to host services will eventually be harder than it was at the beginning. The biggest challenge for Humberto is keeping the costs down while making a better product than others. 


Future Features to be Added 


In the three to five years, Humbert says that one of the stepping stones in Miggy’s timeline is having its database spread across the U.S. Currently, there are about 1400 businesses that are verified as trucking service providers from five states. Humberto’s goals are to make the entire U.S. mapped out and wants Miggy to become the go-to place where truckers will find out if a trucking company or service provider is legit.


Valuable Nuggets 


Humberto says that a lot of different services are trying to share information. There’s a way that they can share that information by linking it back to your website. There are a lot of different trucking seminars or dispatch classes that can be used to share information. 


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